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Tajasom Company started its activity in the field of glass and mirrors in 1381 (2002) and after that in 1391(2012) , with the establishment of its second industrial unit in the field of toilet mirrors, it expanded its activity and in 1396 (2017) , according to the market needs of the decorative mirrors production unit in Chahardangeh Industrial Town inaugurated.


 Tajasom Company is proud to announce about the divine power by having three industrial units, equipped with the latest machines in the world and skilled and experienced forces capable of producing:


Tajasom Company is a multi-purpose complex with more than 20 years of work experience. Its organizational strategy is to provide part of the growing need for modern and quality products for the decoration of bathrooms and decorative mirrors. In this regard , our team in Tajasom Company, by discovering the needs of the market at any time and designing and producing quality products suitable for different tastes, tries to create luxurious and modern spaces in homes and health services. In designing visualization products, in addition to beauty, attention to the quality and efficiency of products is also a priority . In this collection, we always consider providing a quality product as part of our inherent duty to customers.the Visualization sales organization with the participation of its active representatives in the country will always be ready to provide the most appropriate services to you. With a creative and experienced team and modern machines, along with being inspired by the latest products in the world, always wait for a new idea of ​​visualization.

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No 2 , Niazi Industrial Town, Vireh, Shahriyar , Iran